The beautiful Zonzo in the Yarra Valley was the backdrop for Claire & Tim’s wedding on 2nd August 2014.  To say it wasn’t cold would be a lie.  When you can see puffs of hot air coming out of Claire & Tim’s mouths as they said their vows, you know it is cold.  With the help of a couple of gas heaters and by snuggling up close to the person beside you, you barely felt the cold inside the Train Trak.  Most importantly, the rain held off and the sun shone which made for some of the most amazing opportunities during the photo shoot.  We had the pleasure of working alongside Kerryn from Precise Moment Photography who I cannot thank enough for the referral.

Fewer people get married in winter through fear of rain.  Personally, I think it is a great idea if timed right.  You avoid the heat of summer which the groomsmen (and guests) in suits will appreciate and from my experience bridesmaids are cold even on a 40 degree day, so don’t plan around them (sorry girls).  Provided you get married mid-afternoon you give yourself the potential for some amazing sunset shots which are harder to achieve in summer due to daylight saving.  You also potentially have softer lighting through cloud cover and the sun being at a lower angle which makes photo and video that little bit easier.

We had never shot at Zonzo before and we were completely blown away by the venue, the professionalism of all the staff as well as the food.  Now I will admit, after a long day shooting we do look forward to being fed and even sometimes a cheeky beer.  Sometimes we have to chase the venue and ask/beg for our dinner.  However, Zonzo do not roll like this.  Instead, they prepared a spread of antipasto and a selection of no less than a half dozen wood-fire pizzas.  As if that was not enough, the staff then said “You deserve it…you have worked hard all-day”.  Okay, pinch me…I must be dreaming.  Try as we might, we could not get through the delicious feast that they had prepared for us.

The speeches were fantastic.  It is an art form when the father-of-the-groom David, is able to pay-out on Tim (just a little) with just the right amount of sarcasm whilst still being incredibly funny.  Add Tim’s brothers Stuart and Nick and when you hear the words “Dear Diary”…you know a speech is going to be hilarious.

Below is a collection of screen captures from Claire & Tim’s wedding video which we are currently still editing.  It is very near completion and I am pleased to announce that we will be uploading a Cinematic Highlight of their day in a couple of weeks so stay tuned.


Claire 1

Claire 2

Claire 3