I need to start this Wedding Video post with a disclaimer that I actually knew Jenny + Daniel (Bourkey) prior to their wedding. I play (or attempt to play) basketball each Monday night with Bourkey and a bunch of blokes he works with. Whilst we are disclaiming things, I am in the team purely because of my height (if you get my drift).  Jenny didn’t realise that I filmed weddings and long story short (or at least a little shorter as I know…this is dragging on) when I saw their names on the contract and their address, I put two-and-two together, said the ‘what a small world line’ and next thing you know we are headed to The Convent in Daylesford in December to capture their wedding.

We produced what we call a Wedding Story for Jenny + Daniel and therefore we are not going to elaborate too much on the details of their wedding at the risk of writing spoilers into the story. What we can say is that the benefits of producing this type of film are evident in finished product. Little details such as having the opportunity to sit with Jenny and Bourkey the day before the wedding and discuss their wedding and life (all on film of course) gave us the perfect narrative for their film. We also took the time to do a little pre-wedding shoot and then used these shots to help tell their story.

Bourkey’s relaxed nature in front of the camera combined with Jenny’s non-stop smiling meant that our job was made so much easier. The amount of edited footage that ended up on the scrap heap was phenomenal (which is a good thing as we weren’t hunting for footage) as we just couldn’t squeeze it all into the 12 minutes.

We do not normally plug the vendors for our Wedding Video Melbourne films but a huge shout out goes to Yvonne Wood who officiated Jenny and Bourkey’s wedding. All we ask from a celebrant is that they give us a clean audio feed, get the couples names correct (you would be amazed…) and speak well (as this is their job). In return we will be respectful and stay out of the way.  Yvonne was amazing and the film proves this. Other shout outs include Ginger & Mint who we worked alongside all day and had a blast and also the Jeremy from the Baker Boys who is always more than accommodating when it comes to our audio requirements.

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