The Master of Ceremony

Every wedding needs a Master of Ceremonies (MC) and for some couples the decision is easy.  They have an uncle who fills this role for all the family weddings.  Problem is, whilst your uncle loves the microphone and means well, in most cases (not all…) he’s just not that good an MC.  He tends to waffle, his jokes are dated and he always seems to feel the need to give a speech.

Part of the role of the MC is to ensure that on the wedding day everything runs to plan.  An MC coordinates with the venue, works with us vendors (including video) and most importantly, they make your wedding flow beautifully from one formality to another.  They also have a tendency to make your guests laugh at the right times and give your wedding day an awesome atmosphere.

A good MC introduces speeches, asks for that extra round of applause, calms the nerves of the best man before his speech, warms the crowd up pre-entrance and prevents any awkward moments when you go to cut the cake but are not sure when you are supposed to actually cut it.  These are all the little details that a good MC takes care of so that you do not need to.

Over the years we have had some great MC’s who were friends of the family and they did a fantastic job.  This was largely due to the MC having a level of confidence, the ability to utilise little segues to move from one formality to another and the basic knowledge of where and how to hold a microphone (I could write a whole post just on that…hang on…I think I will!).  Unfortunately not every couple has someone who can fill the role of the MC.  Some couples do have the perfect candidate but would prefer that guest to be able to relax and enjoy the wedding. Enter the professional MC.

There are numerous talented MC’s available for your Melbourne Wedding Video and someone like Dean Sindoni or Joe Salanitri are two gentlemen who we have had the pleasure of working alongside numerous times over the years and a couple of MC’s you simply cannot go past.

So whilst planning your wedding, don’t overlook the importance of the role of the MC and give thought to hiring a professional to ensure your wedding day runs to plan.

P.S – It is not the intention of the author to offend MC-Uncles in any way.  If you are an uncle and you were offended we would strongly encourage you to prove us wrong.


Joe Salanitri in action.