If 2013 was the year of the ‘photobooth’ then 2014 was the year of ‘styling’.  Sure styling at weddings has been around for a number of years but what once seemed to be something reserved for the most extravagant of budgets has now become more common.  This is due to numerous factors including increased competition amongst suppliers, couples thinking outside the box to style their own wedding as well as couples now identifying styling as a ‘need’ at their wedding as opposed to what once would have been a ‘want’.

There are plenty of companies in Melbourne and Geelong who specialise in styling weddings.  At Hitched Productions we capture these details as they make for a beautiful transition in our Melbourne Wedding Videos.  We love nothing more than to capture the details of your wedding and then build it back into the story that we create.  Below are a few ideas that we captured throughout 2014.  Enjoy and if you have any queries about any of these ideas please let us know as we are only to happy to assist.


Above: Styling care of the bride, Tara.  Tara transformed an open space into a gorgeous welcoming place in which to attend a wedding.  Just shows with a little bit of planning, you can create your dream wedding.


Above: Styling care of Dress My Wedding (www.dressmywedding.com.au).  All timber pews, arch and flower jars transformed this house into a wedding venue.  We were lucky enough to be able to capture some of this setup.


Above: Simple styling ideas including the use of Melbourne Bitter bottles as a memento to the bride’s grandfather.  Add some flowers in season and tie it all in with a horse-theme with brown paper.


Above: The use of paper planes hung in the trees along with a home-made hessian initials-sign which served as both a beautiful backdrop and hid the steel possum-ring.  Add a school desk to signify the school sweetheart history of this couple.  All the styling was prepared by the couple and setup by close family friends pre-ceremony.


Above: Daniel and Chris has a stylist transform the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron into a stunning wedding reception.  Pendant lighting throughout the room, hanging gardens and gorgeous table decorations created a treat for guests as the curtains were opened revealing this space.  Click here to watch the video now.


Claire 1

Above: Another example of some clever yet simple decorations that can be used to transform an otherwise plain table into a beautiful area for presents and guestbook signing.  Click here to watch the video now.


Above: This outdoor wedding in Cloudhill Gardens was styled by the couple with the use of a chalkboard, custom made booklets, and little hessian bags for rose petals.