June 2019

Melbourne Wedding Video – Sara + Anthony // Atlantic

For the past 12 years Sara has been Anthony's hairdresser. Most blokes get their hair cut once a month but Anthony opted for weekly haircuts just so he could see Sara. Courtship didn't come cheap [...]

April 2019

Wedding Video Melbourne – Kat + Luke // Abbotsford Convent

https://vimeo.com/333701966 Kat and Luke met at a Vengaboys concert over 8 years ago and Kat knew instantly that Luke was the guy she was going to marry. They chose to get married at the stunning [...]

January 2019

Wedding Advice: Tip #5 – Planning Your Timeline

Where to start? Planning your Melbourne Wedding Video wedding day timeline can be a bit of a daunting task. Photographers, Melbourne Wedding Videographers, family, venues, florist, cake maker the list goes on. Having shot over 200 weddings [...]

Wedding Video Melbourne – Stacey + Brent // Carousel

http://www.vimeo.com/311826106 Stacey and Brent are best friends and this was evident in every facet of their stunning Melbourne Wedding Videography. They chose to get married at gorgeous Carousel in Albert Park. In order to [...]

Wedding Video Melbourne – Alyssa + Dave // Immerse

https://www.vimeo.com/313317564 Alyssa and Dave's biggest fear was a hot wedding. A hot wedding is exactly what they got but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time. They chose the stunning Immerse as [...]

January 2017

Wedding Video Melbourne – Jenny + Daniel

I need to start this Wedding Video post with a disclaimer that I actually knew Jenny + Daniel (Bourkey) prior to their wedding. I play (or attempt to play) basketball each Monday night with Bourkey [...]

October 2016

Wedding Advice: Tip #4 – Bands

Bands So you are planning your wedding and you have decided that you would like a band.  Cool.  Next decision is who do you book?  Well we have had the pleasure of working with plenty [...]

Wedding Advice: Tip #3 – Speeches 101

Speeches 101 Whilst its s readily acknowledged that at a wedding key members of the family and bridal party are going give a speech, the task can be somewhat daunting.  Sure there are those of [...]

September 2016

Wedding Advice: Tip #2 – The Master of Ceremony

The Master of Ceremony Every wedding needs a Master of Ceremonies (MC) and for some couples the decision is easy.  They have an uncle who fills this role for all the family weddings.  Problem is, [...]

Wedding Advice: Tip #1 – The Aisle Walk

Having personally filmed over 200 Melbourne wedding videos, we are more than qualified in the area of wedding planning.  We plan your wedding day timeline with you prior to the wedding day from preps all the [...]

June 2016

Lisa + Brett // Wedding Story // My Everything

Lisa and Brett's Wedding Story started out as a simple idea almost 12 months ago.  The idea was to film a wedding but make the film more than just a wedding film.  We wanted to [...]

Hannah + David // Mountain Goat Brewery

We have been looking forward to Hannah and Dave's wedding since as far back as Courtney and Nick's wedding in 2014 and as recent as Libby and James wedding in October last year.  There is [...]

April 2016

Wedding Videos Melbourne – Anne-Marie + Mitchell // Potters

We emphasis the importance of couples having a connection with our work if we are to film their wedding. Anne-Marie + Mitchell were one of those couples. From start to finish they have been an [...]

Carly + Dave // Immerse Wedding

Carly + Dave were married at the gorgeous Immerse Winery in the Yarra Valley in February 2016.  Hitched Productions have had the pleasure of shooting several weddings at Immerse over the past few years and [...]

Samantha + Christopher // Inglewood Wedding

Samantha + Christopher were married at the stunning Inglewood Estate in Kangaroo Ground in February 2016.  Inglewood offers couples an all-in-one option for their wedding.  Inglewood has the chapel, magnificent gardens for photos as well [...]

March 2016

Wedding Videos Melbourne – Florina + Paul // Rivers Edge Events

The sign of a job well done is when bridesmaids from previous Wedding Videos Melbourne book us to film their wedding.  We filmed Florina's sisters wedding a few years ago and Florina had no hesitation in [...]

December 2015

Why you should book Hitched Productions to film your wedding

We often give advice with regards to wedding ideas on the Hitched Production blog for your Melbourne Wedding Video.  Today's post is a little bit different.  Today's post is all about why you should book [...]

October 2015

A New Approach to Wedding Films

Something new and exciting is not too far away from being a standard product offering from Hitched Productions.  Have you ever wanted your wedding film to be totally unique and different?  Do you want a [...]

April 2015

Tara + Andrew – Melbourne Wedding Videography

We received an inquiry via a referral at the end of April 2014.  Tara had seen our work via a friend who's wedding we filmed.  However, at the time, Tara's budget would prevent Hitched Productions [...]

Angela + Eden – Melbourne Wedding Videogaphy

Angela + Eden chose the beautiful Potters Receptions in Warrandyte as the backdrop for their wedding on the first day of Autumn this year.  We filmed outside in the rotunda for the ceremony which was [...]

January 2015

Ashlee + Stephen – Wedding Videography Melbourne

We had the pleasure of shooting Ashlee + Stephen's wedding last weekend and could not wait to share some screen shots from their beautiful wedding.  Ashlee + Stephen were such a relaxed couple and an [...]

Wedding Styling – Melbourne Wedding Videographer

If 2013 was the year of the 'photobooth' then 2014 was the year of 'styling'.  Sure styling at weddings has been around for a number of years but what once seemed to be something reserved [...]

October 2014

Tips – The Best Man’s Speech – Melbourne Wedding Videographer

As a Melbourne Wedding Videographer we see a lot of best man speeches. Some good, some...no so good and some that are just fantastic. This combined with the fact that I have been the best [...]

Courtney + Nick – Wedding Videography Melbourne

We packed our bags last weekend and made the trip up to Echuca to film Courtney & Nick's wedding.  We decided to make a weekend of it and headed up Friday night so that we [...]

Tammy + Shaun – Wedding Videography Melbourne

We love rocking up to shoot a wedding and seeing familiar faces.  Tammy and Shaun booked Hitched Productions to be their Melbourne wedding videographer due to referrals from Gloria & Sheldon and Libby & Chris [...]

Danielle + Chris – Wedding Videography Melbourne

I absolutely love it when brides contact me saying that they love our work and tear up watching other peoples weddings which we have filmed.  Always a good start when a client likes you work.  [...]

August 2014

Tips for selecting a Melbourne Weddding Videographer

Congratulations!  You are engaged and you are definitely getting a wedding video.  You are about to enter into a fairly elite club.  Yes, you are part of what I estimate to be the 10% of [...]

Claire + Tim – Wedding Video Melbourne

The beautiful Zonzo in the Yarra Valley was the backdrop for Claire & Tim's wedding on 2nd August 2014.  To say it wasn't cold would be a lie.  When you can see puffs of hot [...]

September 2013

The Benefits of a Pre-Wedding Shoot

All my clients will attest to me making the following two statements in the lead-up to their wedding. One, don’t look at me.  Now, I mean this in a nice way.  I refer to the actual wedding day when we are filming.  I tell couples to only look at the camera if I tell them to and instead look at each other or the photographer.  I rarely ask them to look at my camera as my shooting style does not require them gazing into my lens.  Also, it can ruin both photos and video if the groom looks at the photographer and the bride looks at the videographer. Secondly, I make it clear that I am much more comfortable on ‘my side’ of the camera as opposed to ‘their side’ of the camera.  Couples are often a little daunted by the thought of being the centre of attention.  This leads me to a discussion on pre-wedding shoots. […]

August 2013

Wedding Videos – Listen Carefully

George Lucas once said “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie”.  This is especially true for wedding videos and it is the reason why you need to be sure your wedding videographer is not only experienced in shooting video, but also in capturing audio. […]

Why you should invest in a Wedding Video

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is about $35,000.  I like to use the pie analogy.  Consider you have large apple pie and this pie represents your wedding budget. […]

Have you considered an Unplugged Wedding?

An Unplugged Wedding is a fantastic way to ensure your guests not only enjoy your wedding ceremony but actually ‘watch’ you get married. […]