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Tips for selecting a Melbourne Weddding Videographer

Congratulations!  You are engaged and you are definitely getting a wedding video.  You are about to enter into a fairly elite club.  Yes, you are part of what I estimate to be the 10% of couples who actually get a wedding video.  As a side note, getting a friend who studies film at University or […]

Claire + Tim – Wedding Video Melbourne

The beautiful Zonzo in the Yarra Valley was the backdrop for Claire & Tim’s wedding on 2nd August 2014.  To say it wasn’t cold would be a lie.  When you can see puffs of hot air coming out of Claire & Tim’s mouths as they said their vows, you know it is […]

The Benefits of a Pre-Wedding Shoot

All my clients will attest to me making the following two statements in the lead-up to their wedding.

One, don’t look at me.  Now, I mean this in a nice way.  I refer to the actual wedding day when we are filming.  I tell couples to only look at the camera if I tell them to and instead look at each other or the photographer.  I rarely ask them to look at my camera as my shooting style does not require them gazing into my lens.  Also, it can ruin both photos and video if the groom looks at the photographer and the bride looks at the videographer.

Secondly, I make it clear that I am much more comfortable on ‘my side’ of the camera as opposed to ‘their side’ of the camera.  Couples are often a little daunted by the thought of being the centre of attention.  This leads me to a discussion on pre-wedding shoots.


Wedding Videos – Listen Carefully

George Lucas once said “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie”.  This is especially true for wedding videos and it is the reason why you need to be sure your wedding videographer is not only experienced in shooting video, but also in capturing audio.

Why you should invest in a Wedding Video

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is about $35,000.  I like to use the pie analogy.  Consider you have large apple pie and this pie represents your wedding budget.