Lisa and Brett’s Wedding Story started out as a simple idea almost 12 months ago.  The idea was to film a wedding but make the film more than just a wedding film.  We wanted to make it a story that is totally unique to Brett and Lisa.  This means we filmed the rehearsal, we did an engagement shoot and we spent the entire wedding day with them.

We design the Wedding Story films so that by the time the wedding day arrives we feel like we are part of the family.  Wedding Stories document a couples relationship and we go through a process of conversing with a couple and where the conversation leads varies with every film.  This conversation forms the backbone for the film.

We did an engagement shoot with Brett and Lisa and we wanted to include Marley and Perry (their dogs) in this shoot as they could not be part of the wedding.  Marley and Perry are such a huge part of Brett and Lisa’s lives and it just made sense to include them.  We also followed Brett and Lisa to their rehearsal prior to the wedding.  We do all this as all these little events in the lead up to the wedding day are part of their story.  The wedding day is the pinnacle, however, there is a process by which couples get to their big day and we want to capture these memories.

We normally elaborate on the wedding day and provide details on all aspects, however, in this case we feel their film says it all. So sit back and enjoy!