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Melbourne Wedding Video – Sara + Anthony // Atlantic

For the past 12 years Sara has been Anthony’s hairdresser. Most blokes get their hair cut once a month but Anthony opted for weekly haircuts just so he could see Sara. Courtship didn’t come cheap with Anthony working out that it cost him $6240 on haircuts to get the girl of his dreams.

Filming Sara and Anthony’s […]

Wedding Video Melbourne – Kat + Luke // Abbotsford Convent

Kat and Luke met at a Vengaboys concert over 8 years ago and Kat knew instantly that Luke was the guy she was going to marry. They chose to get married at the stunning Abbotsford Convent with Bursaria taking care of the catering. In front of their family and friends they exchanged their own […]

Wedding Advice: Tip #5 – Planning Your Timeline


Where to start?

Planning your Melbourne Wedding Video wedding day timeline can be a bit of a daunting task. Photographers, Melbourne Wedding Videographers, family, venues, florist, cake maker the list goes on. Having shot over 200 weddings we have planned a lot of wedding timelines and there is nothing overly […]

Wedding Video Melbourne – Stacey + Brent // Carousel

Stacey and Brent are best friends and this was evident in every facet of their stunning Melbourne Wedding Videography. They chose to get married at gorgeous Carousel in Albert Park. In order to spend a much time as possible with their guest, they decided to get married in the early evening and […]

Wedding Video Melbourne – Alyssa + Dave // Immerse

Alyssa and Dave’s biggest fear was a hot wedding. A hot wedding is exactly what they got but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. They chose the stunning Immerse as the backdrop for their wedding and albeit hot, it was a beautiful wedding. The boys opted […]

Wedding Video Melbourne – Jenny + Daniel

I need to start this Wedding Video post with a disclaimer that I actually knew Jenny + Daniel (Bourkey) prior to their wedding. I play (or attempt to play) basketball each Monday night with Bourkey and a bunch of blokes he works with. Whilst we are disclaiming things, I am in the team purely because […]

Wedding Advice: Tip #4 – Bands



So you are planning your wedding and you have decided that you would like a band.  Cool.  Next decision is who do you book?  Well we have had the pleasure of working with plenty of fantastic bands over the years including Stand Clear, Higher Ground, […]

Wedding Advice: Tip #3 – Speeches 101


Speeches 101

Whilst its s readily acknowledged that at a wedding key members of the family and bridal party are going give a speech, the task can be somewhat daunting.  Sure there are those of us (certainly not me) that love the microphone, but given the opportunity most […]

Wedding Advice: Tip #2 – The Master of Ceremony


The Master of Ceremony

Every wedding needs a Master of Ceremonies (MC) and for some couples the decision is easy.  They have an uncle who fills this role for all the family weddings.  Problem is, whilst your uncle loves the microphone and means well, in most cases (not […]

Wedding Advice: Tip #1 – The Aisle Walk


Having personally filmed over 200 Melbourne wedding videos, we are more than qualified in the area of wedding planning.  We plan your wedding day timeline with you prior to the wedding day from preps all the way up to the start of the reception.  Knowledge equals power and […]