For the past 12 years Sara has been Anthony’s hairdresser. Most blokes get their hair cut once a month but Anthony opted for weekly haircuts just so he could see Sara. Courtship didn’t come cheap with Anthony working out that it cost him $6240 on haircuts to get the girl of his dreams.

Filming Sara and Anthony’s wedding was like a family reunion given we had been lucky enough to film both her sisters’ weddings previously.  This time there was additions to the family in the form their cute little kids, including Sara and Anthony’s gorgeous daughter, Sophia.

Sara and Anthony were married at St Ignatius in Richmond with the reception following at Atlantic in Docklands. A massive shout out to DJ Faris who had one of the cleanest audio setups we have heard at a wedding.

Sit back and enjoy their story!


Credit where it is due:

Photos: APL
Reception: Atlantic Group
DJ: DJ Faris Razzouk